Ever since I was a young girl I’ve loved stories. Loved to listen to them. To read them. To write them. As I grew up, my connection to the world of story faded… I got caught up in the so-called realities of life. I let other people tell me what my own story was. I lost connection to myself and what my true story really was.

What’s your story? Are you living your purpose?

Are you telling yourself a story passed on to your by your family or friends? Framed by painful events from your past? You may be living in a story you created for yourself when you were very small or very scared. It may be time to look back at the stories in your life. Perhaps you can re-frame, re-work or even transform your story… and awaken to your true purpose in life.

I’m currently working on a process to help individuals like you. Get in touch, subscribe to my blog, or keep checking back for more on this.