What people say

Let me state: I (heart) Rachel. Working with her is like hanging out for coffee with a best friend. She was supportive, helpful, encouraging, gave me all the room I needed to do a great job. I wish all of my clients and colleagues could be as fantastic as her. If someone finds a way to duplicate her – please let me know.

I have worked with Rachel as a colleague, and have hired her as a consultant copywriter / direct response strategist. I can say without exaggeration that she is one of the most talented people I’ve ever collaborated with. Rachel has an incredibly rare – and valuable! – combination of skills. As a writer, she is empathetic, sensitive, and highly creative. She combines a fantastic talent for writing, with a natural professionalism and project management expertise that means she delivers what she says she will, on-time, and better than you expected. I’d hire Rachel in a heartbeat for writing or marketing and fundraising consultancy. I strongly suggest you do too!

You are a miracle worker, Rachel!! [The copy] looks great. Lots of information, but you’ve really done an impressive job of making it easy to read, and it has good flow and consistency. I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you so much… I love it! You captured the “punch” I was looking for and your fresh eyes saw what was superfluous.